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Premio Alberto Giovannini

Innovation and digitalisation in infrastructure

Premio Alberto Giovannini

"Premio Alberto Giovannini" 
An award that values talent

2023-2024 Edition


Webuild believes in newly formed young talents, planning the future by investing in their present, and their ideas. This is why the Group launched in the 2021 the "Premio Alberto Giovannini": a programme dedicated to young graduates and recent graduates, and to Italian universities, to promote innovation and research in infrastructure.

The Award, arrived at its third edition in the 2023-2024, is part of Webuild's initiatives, programmes and concrete actions aimed at promoting, on the one hand, the professional growth of young people in a strategic sector for our country and, on the other, through partnerships with the research arena, to spread a culture of innovation that can contribute to the technological advancement of our sector.

The Award is announced in memory of the former Webuild Chairman, Alberto Giovannini, academic and innovator in Italy and globally, to celebrate the story of his life and his ethical and professional values that can still guide young people entering the work and business arena to create training courses for young people.

2023/2024 Edition

Applications are closed!

The "Premio Alberto Giovannini" is aimed at:

  • Undergraduates and new graduates of Engineering, Economics and Computer Science, from all Italian universities, to award the best theses on innovation and digitalization of infrastructure;
  • Faculty of Engineering, Economics and Computer Science of all Italian universities, for a PhD scholarship on innovation and digitalization for infrastructure. 


Premio Albert Giovannini: innovation and digitalization for infrastructure
Premio Alberto Giovannini, II edizione - Videonews della premiazione
Video interviste ai vincitori del Premio Alberto Giovannini, Edizione 2022/2023
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Alberto Giovannini

Alberto Giovannini: A man who represents the best of Italy

Alberto Giovanninirepresents the best of Italy, one who measures himself up against international competition and shuns domestic protection and subsidies. It is the Italy of expertise and commitment, which fortunately exists and continues to express itself in the world” (Francesco Giavazzi – Corriere della Sera – April 26, 2019).

Alberto Giovannini - A man who represents the best of Italy - Webuild

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Premio Alberto Giovannini

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