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Shareholders' Meeting

The Shareholders' Meeting, convened either in Ordinary or Extraordinary session, approves resolutions accordance with the modalities and matters allowed pursuant to law and the Bylaws.

More specifically, the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting elects and dismisses the Directors, elects the Statutory Auditors and the Chairperson of the Board of Statutory Auditors, as well as the Designated Accounting Officer, determining the respective compensation if not otherwise determined by the Bylaws, approves the Annual Financial Statements and the Shareholders' Meeting Regulations and adopts resolutions concerning all other issues reserved for its jurisdiction pursuant to law.

Shareholders' Meeting 2023


The Company’s subscribed and fully paid-up share capital amounts to €600,000,000.00 and consists of 1,019,138,641 shares without a par value, of which 1,017,523,150 ordinary shares (with voting rights at shareholders’ meetings) and 1,615,491 saving shares (with voting rights at meetings of that share class).

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Regulation of Shareholders' Meetings

The rules governing the Shareholders’ Meeting of Webuild S.p.A., prepared in accordance with the guidelines recommended by Assonime (the Association of Italian Corporate Entities), are aimed at ensuring the orderly functioning of the Meeting, while guaranteeing the fundamental right of each shareholder to ask questions about the issues being discussed, express his or her opinion and submit motions.

Regulation of Shareholders' Meeting
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Shareholders' Meeting

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