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Our Culture

Webuild, partner for a sustainable future

AV Napoli-Bari, Tratta Apice-Hirpinia, Galleria Grottaminarda - Webuild

Inspired by sustainable development principles, we leverage on technological and organisational innovation, together with our exceptional human and professional resources, to develop construction solutions capable of enhancing community resources and of contributing to the economic development and social wellbeing of local populations.

Our vision

We envision, design and build a new world, bringing the present closer to the future, to improve peoples’ lives today and tomorrow.

Our mission

We make sustainable development a reality in the areas in which we operate, applying the most innovative solutions to build major infrastructures.

Our commitment

Our values

We act every day on the basis of our values. Our people across the world share the same values: this is the bond that unites us.



  • Ability to apply the best skills to meet and exceed client expectations
  • Ability to carry out sustainable works while maintaining high levels of quality and performance
  • Continuous development of company know-how by training people and sharing experiences


  • Transparency in relations within and outside the Group
  • Legality, honesty, fairness, impartiality in behaviour and relationships
  • Clear, complete, transparent and timely communication to all stakeholders
  • Zero tolerance towards any type of corruption
  • Adoption of a corporate governance system in line with best practices to operate according to criteria of maximum efficiency and transparency


  • Respect for human rights, protection of the physical and moral integrity of workers
  • Safeguarding the rights and culture of the communities in which we operate
  • Inclusion of diversity: gender, age, culture, religion, towards employees and partners
  • Enhancement of peoples’ skills and constant commitment to their professional development
  • Respect for the environment


  • Quality and performance in all stages of client relations
  • Fairness and transparency in contractual relations
  • Impartial evaluation of suppliers based on criteria of quality, professionalism, respect for human rights, health, safety and the environment
  • Transparency and timeliness of information to stakeholders
  • Constant dialogue with institutions
  • Promotion of a culture of listening and teamwork among employees
  • Partnerships with suppliers based on fairness and a long-term strategy
  • Constant dialogue with the communities in which we operate to contribute to the development of robust societies and economies
  • Development of a culture of safety based on collaboration between people and reciprocal care

Sustainable Innovation

  • Continuous research, development and adoption of innovative solutions and techniques in building sustainable infrastructure
  • Research and sharing with partners of mechanisms of digitalisation for the efficiency of processes, projects and sustainability of works
  • Designing and executing infrastructure with maximum respect for the environment and the principles of sustainability

Partner for a sustainable future. We Build Our Planet

Webuild: Partner for a sustainable future
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Build a better Future with us

Working with us means becoming part of a multicultural team, where dialogue between people is always imbued with respect, transparency and trust. It means taking part in the construction of unique infrastructure and high-engineering projects, while contributing to the social and economical growth of people.

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Mission, Vision e Values

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