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February 09, 2024

Cossi (Webuild Group): grows in the road and viaduct maintenance sector with €131 million project in the Centre of Italy

Contract to secure four viaducts of the A25 Torano-Pescara Motorway


Cossi Costruzioni (Webuild Group) will lead the consortium with MGA (Reway Group) and SPIC, to design and structurally adjust four viaducts on the Torano-Pescara section
200 new jobs expected to be created with directly and indirectly hired personnel and the engagement of dozens of supply companies of the territory


Milan, February 9, 2024 – The Webuild Group grows in the road and viaduct maintenance sector by winning a new contract in Central Italy. This is the most recent contract, worth €131 million in total, won in a consortium by the Group's subsidiary Cossi Costruzioni to design and structurally adjust 4 viaducts of the A25 Torano-Pescara motorway. 

Cossi Costruzioni will lead the consortium with a 60% stake, with MGA (Reway Group, 25%), and SPIC (15%). Works will require 200 new jobs, considering both direct and indirect personnel.

The contract is an integral part of the "Strade Sicure" (Safe Roads) programme funded by the PNC, a complementary investment plan of the PNRR. It is commissioned by the Extraordinary Commissioner for anti-seismic safety and the restoration of the functionality of the A24 and A25 motorways (Commissario Straordinario per la Sicurezza antisismica e il ripristino della funzionalità della A24 e A25). 

The new contract is part of the Group's industrial strategy to expand its business in sectors with greater order backlog diversification. This includes, in fact, the extraordinary maintenance of the road infrastructure network in Italy, one of the most articulated and complex road systems worldwide, with the great part of bridges and viaducts built between the 50s and 70s. In other words, priority projects for the maintenance of existing infrastructures, which have exceeded their project life span, so as to create greater safety and reduce future costs. The A24 and A25 motorways, on their own, include over 170 structures (bridges and viaducts), with over 50 years of life in a highly seismic territory.

Cossi Costruzioni, specialized in tunnelling and road maintenance, will put at the service of the project its specific skills to build viaducts and its track record of already built projects, like renovating the Mont-Blanc Tunnel and participating in the construction of the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge. An industrial reality with complementary skills besides Webuild’s already consolidated ones for building roads and bridges, which the Group is going to continue to leverage to ensure further growth. 

With its partner MGA, a Reway Group subsidiary, a reference company in Italy for restoring road and motorway infrastructure, it is also building extraordinary maintenance works and ones to redevelop sections of the Italian motorway system within large regional areas, in Genoa, Milan, and in the Bologna-Florence and Fiano-Romano sections, on behalf of ASPI Autostrade per l'Italia

Webuild boasts a worldwide track record of over 82,500 kilometres of roads and motorways. In Italy, it is also constructing the Ionian Highway - Mega Lot 3 in Calabria: a strategic project to develop mobility in the South of Italy. It will contribute to connecting the coasts of Calabria, Basilicata, and Puglia. The Group also has extensive know-how in the bridge sector. In fact, it has already built more than 1,000 kilometres of bridges and viaducts worldwide. Among these, we can mention the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, completed in just over a year; the Third Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey; and the Braila Bridge over the Danube in Romania, the second longest suspended bridge in Continental Europe


09/02/2024 - 13:16 Press release

Cossi (Webuild Group) grows in the road and viaduct maintenance sector

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