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October 19, 2022

Webuild: Braila Bridge Project in Romania wins award Best Project in Structural Concrete


  • Italian industry association AICAP awards second longest suspension bridge in continental Europe

  • Award recognises excellence and innovation in design and construction in structural concrete 


MILAN, October 19, 2022 – The Braila Bridge in Romania, which is being built by Webuild as leader of an international joint-venture, has won the AICAP Award, which celebrates Italian excellence in structural concrete. The award was announced by the Associazione Italiana del Calcestruzzo Armato e Precompresso (AICAP, the Italian Association for Structural Concrete) at the Italian Concrete Conference 2022. The “Made in Italy” projects under consideration for the award were both in Italy or abroad, whose innovative and significant use of concrete has distinguished them for the last two years. 

The Braila Bridge, a complex engineering project, crosses the Danube River and ranks as the second longest suspension bridge in continental Europe. It is 1,975 metres long with a central deck of 1,120 metres with four lanes, an emergency lane, and cycling and pedestrian paths.

The towers and the accompanying anchoring system were the project’s winning features that led to the award. The towers on either side of the Danube are made of high-resistance concrete, reaching a maximum height of 192 metres above sea level. The anchor blocks, designed to best suit the geological conditions on both shores, are 47 metres in diameter and 31 metres deep. These numbers are rare and can be found in very few cases such as the Akashi Bridge in Japan, the second longest suspension bridge in the world. Another determining factor for AICAP was the beauty of the structure.  

These features enhanced the new structure which won other contenders such as the railway bridge over the Anji River in India with a 290-metre central span.  

From the Genova San Giorgio Bridge in Italy to the Third Bridge over the Bosphorus in Turkey to the skytrain bridge and viaduct in Sydney, Webuild has successfully completed a number of iconic projects in the world, built as sole contractor or with partners. These are projects of excellence, often awarded for engineering feats undertaken to build them, that have contributed to improving connections across regions, improving sustainable mobility. Webuild’s track record includes nearly 1,000 kilometres of bridges and viaducts, the same length as that between Paris and Berlin. 


2022 10 19 - 12:44

Webuild: Braila Bridge Project in Romania wins award Best Project in Structural Concrete

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