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Garafiri dam


Project's overview
Dams, hydroelectric power plants




Unlike other African states, there are no large rivers within Guinea's national borders, although the particular climatic conditions in the equatorial area of the continent's Atlantic coast do cause heavy rainfall. If this resource were invested in adequately, it could bring around 6000 MW of energy to this small African state.

Though plans to build a dam on the Konkouré River date to the mid-1980s, its construction did not begin until the following decade, thanks to the creation of a diversified pool of investors that included, besides the local government, French and Canadian development agencies, the European Bank for Investment, and a number of Arab funds (in particular the Arab Bank for African Development and Saudi and Kuwaiti funds).

The work was carried out from 1996 to 1999 and led to the completion of a zoned earthfill dam and an electricity station connected downstream by penstocks to the one in Kaléta. The installation of three new turbines with power equal to 75 MW allowed for an increase in the local energy output, offering new prospects for social and economic development in the regions of Kindia and Mamou.


Technical data

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Garafiri dam

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