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Neckartal Dam


Project's overview
Dams, hydroelectric power plants


Diga di Neckartal

Located in the Karas region along the Fish River in the south of the country, the project is the first phase of the Neckartal Irrigation Scheme.

Made from roller-compacted concrete (RCC) and standing around 80 metres high, the Neckartal dam will harness water from the Fish River to produce energy and to create a reservoir capable of holding 857 million cubic metres of water, which will be used to irrigate 5,000 hectares of land for the agricultural development of the area.

A crossing and a pumping station, along with the relevant intake structure, will be built 13 km downstream from the dam. The water will flow through an 8.7 km steel pipe with a diameter of 1,100 mm to reach a reservoir that is also part of the project.

Client:  Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

Main Technical Data:

Open excavations: approximately 700,000 m3

Volume of RCC Dam: 850,000 m3

Embankments: approximately 250,000 m3

Steel reinforcement: approximately 7,000 tons

Formworks: approximately 115,000 m2

Reservoir Capacity: 857 million m3


Neckartal Dam: making the desert bloom.

Neckartal Dam

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