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Ship Canal Water Quality Project - Storage Tunnel project


Project's overview
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In progress


The project, located in the American city of Seattle and known as the Ship Canal Water Quality Project - Storage Tunnel project, consists of building a 2.7 mile (4.2 km) long water storage tunnel to reduce flooding Lake Washington Ship Canal with polluted water.

The project will be implemented by the Lane Construction Corporation, the US subsidiary of Webuild Group. It will keep an annual average of 75 million gallons (276 million liters) of contaminated rain water and waste water out of the Canal, from Salmon Bay and Lake Union.

The TBM (tunnel boring machine) that will excavate the tunnel will reach Seattle after being assembled and passing technical tests in Germany. It will start excavating in mid-2021.

Contractor: The Lane Construction Corporation (U.S. subsidiary of the Webuild Group)


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Technical data

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Sustainability KPIs

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Ship Canal Water Quality Project - Storage Tunnel

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