Zimapan hydroelectric plant


Project's overview
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The plant is located in a mountainous area in the west of the State of Hidalgo, near the village of Zimapan, about 150 km north of Mexico City. It dams the Moctezuma river, using its water to generate power.

The main underground structures are:

  • Headrace tunnel, 20,800 m long, with an excavated average cross-section of 27m², concrete lined to an internal diameter of 4.70 m
  • Underground steel-lined penstock, 1,060 m long, internal diameter 3.50 m, with 2.10 m internal diameter bifurcations. A 604 m section of this tunnel has an inclination of 60°
  • Surge shaft, 132 m high with a diameter of 15 m, concrete lined to an internal diameter of 12 m. Excavation and concrete lining of the valves chamber
  • Underground concrete-lined powerhouse housing two 146 MW Pelton generating units. Dimensions: length 70 m, width 22 m and height 11 m
  • Transformer cavern, 70 m length, 11.50 m width, 11 m height;
  • Tunnel for cables and ventilation, approx. 245 m long, with cross-section of 28m², and a 335 m tailrace tunnel with horseshoe-shaped cross-section of about 30 m²;
  • Other access and service tunnels for a total length of 3,300 m, concrete lined, with an excavated section varying from 41 to 75.40 m²


Client: CFE - Comisiòn Federal de Electricidad

Technical data

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m3 Underground excavation

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m3 Gunite

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m Perforations for injections

Zimapan hydroelectric plant

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