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Paris' Metro

Grand Paris Express - Line 15 Western Section Lot 2

Project overview

Metropolitana Grand Paris Express, Linea 15, tratta Ovest, Lotto 2, Francia | Webuild

Lot 2 of Line 15 West Section, foresees designing and constructing 4 underground stations, 7 km of tunnels to excavate with TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machines) and 6 functional service shafts. The section extends between the Pont de Sèvres and Saint-Denis Pleyel stations. The contract also includes constructing real estate projects in the Les Agnettes and Les Grésillons stations. 

The project's construction will be led by eco-design principles and the reduction of the environmental impact of the works. Construction concrete with lower carbon content will be used, and more generally, materials with a low environmental impact will be chosen over others (i.e. bio-based, recycles, local and regional). Energy consumption control will be ensured with the energy recovery of the plants and technical equipment, train breaks, and lighting and ventilation will be optimized. Vegetation will play a significant role for the stations as it will guarantee biodiversity: in fact, 50% of the trees used will be native species and the roofing will include green, extending on semi-extended terraces

CLIENT: Societé des grands projets

Metro Grand Paris Express, Line 15, West Section, Lot 2, France | Webuild

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Tunnel excavations

Webuild, to excavate the tunnels of Line 15, will use 1 TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), a machine measuring over 100 m in length and a excavation diameter of 9.86 metres. The machine will excavate a volume of 500,000 m3 of which 80% will be recycled. 

Works will be techically complex due to the soil's geology and the area's strong urbanization.

The tunnel will be built in two parts:a first section of 1.2 km will be built between the “Les Caboeufs” service tunnel at Gennevilliers and the “Finot” service tunnel at Saint-Ouen. A second section, 5.8 km long, will restart from the “Les Caboeufs” service tunnel, this time heading to Courbevoie, where the TBM will end its run at the “Parc des Bruyères” service tunnel. Three perforations are foreseen for the project, at the Les Agnettes, Bois-Colombes and Bécon-les-Bruyères stations.

Technical KPIs

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Tunnel length

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m3, excavation volume

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Functional shafts

Line 15, France's longest metro 

800.000 people will be served by this safe and efficient transport system, which will significantly reduce daily travel times. Line 15, in just 19 will take you from the Business Area of La Défense to Saint-Denis-Pleyel, instead of the 46 minutes required today. 

The entire Line 15, whichextends for 75km, will be France's longest metro. It will circumnavigate Paris just like a large ring and will traverse 45 towns and 4 departments of the Île-de-France. The 36 stations foreseen on the section, will be distributed on 3 sections - east, west, south and 95% will be connected to the existing transport, including Transilien, RER, Metro , tramway and bus services.


Webuild's commitment for the Grand Paris Express

Within the Grand Paris Express project, besides the contract for Line 15 Western Section of Lot 2 of Paris' Metro, the Webuild Group is working on Lot 2 of Line 16 and has already built the extension of Line 14 to Orly Airport.

The Grand Paris Express will connect the Île de France area, and aims at improving the life quality of the Parisian area, integrating the suburbs with the city centre. Overall, it foresees building approximately 200 km of lines and 68 stations. The entire network will be built almost 90% underground and when finished it will transport over 2 million people every day

Grand Paris Express - Line 15

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