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Forrestfield-Airport Link, Perth


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Forrestfield Airport Link - Airport Central Station - Webuild

The project comprises the design, construction and maintenance for 10 years of the Forrestfield Airport Link, railway line connecting the eastern suburbs of Perth with the existing suburban rail network as well as the airport. Completed in October 2022, the line generates 20,000 passenger trips on the network every day It will also reduce road traffic and travelling times: travel times to reach the centre is reduced by over 50%, going from 45 to 20 minutes. 

The project was built by Webuild and its joint-venture partner NRW Pty Ltd (80% of the joint-venture is held by Webuild) which built three stations, twin-bored tunnels, three emergency egress shafts and parking spaces to serve the stations.

The rail line, developed with an investment of AU$1.86-billion (€1.21 billion), is 8.5 kilometres long and is potentially taking 15,000 vehicles off the roads every day, reducing up to 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

Each tunnel is 8 kilometres long (internal diameter 6.17 m and excavation diameter of 7 m), for which two TBMs (Tunnel Boring Machine) have been specifically designed. Building the underground works featured a real challenge, due to the hydro-geological characteristics of the subsoil, for the route that runs beneath already running lines, due to Perth’s airport lanes and the Swan River, where it reaches its maximum depth of 26 metres.

The project is registered and will be seeking, as a minimum, an Excellent rating under the Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme, which is administered by the Infrastructure Council of Australia (ISCA). The scheme provides a framework for the implementation and evaluation of sustainability initiatives and potential environmental, social and economic impacts of infrastructure projects and assets.

In 2019, Webuild received the Concrete Institute of Australia (WA) Award, in the “Excellence in the Technology and Innovation” category, for having designed and produced concrete prefabricated segments used for the Forrestfield Airport Link tunnels. 

In 2023 the Airport Central Station, in what has been defined as one of the most important sustainable mobility in Western Australia, received the Award for Public Architecture (Chapter Western Australia).The award recognises excellence in design and architecture and is promoted by the Australian Institute of Architects.

Sustainability KPIs

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tons of Co2 emissions avoided per year

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Cars taken off the road per day

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passenger expected per day by 2022

Technical data

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km total length

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km of each tunnels

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m excavation diameter

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cross passage

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Forrestfield Airport Link Project - Webuild

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Forrestfield-Airport Link - Airport Central Station Webuild

Australia, Perth Airport Central Station excellence in design and architecture

Forrestfield-Airport Link, Perth

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