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Verona-Padua High-Speed/High-Capacity railway


Project's overview


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SDGs Goals 9, 13
Alta Velocità Verona-Padova Lotto 2, attraversamento di Vicenza - Webuild

The Verona-Padua HS / HC Line, with a total route of 76.5 km (through the territory of the provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Padua), is divided into 3 functional lots

The first functional lot, in the Verona - Bivio di Vicenza section, will be built by the IRICAV DUE consortium. It will consist of approximately 83% by the Webuild Group and 17% by Hitachi Rail STS, as part of the industrial strategy of Progetto Italia, the consolidation operation promoted by Webuild to strengthen the infrastructure sector in the country.

The first section will run for 44.2 kilometres crossing 13 municipalities. By quadrupling the existing railway, it will improve the quality of the train service and strengthen its links to a European network, helping reduce the impact on the environment as well as the number of road accidents.

The investment being made on the entire length of the railway between Verona and Padua is estimated at €4.8 billion and represents an important link across the country’s northeast. It also serves as an example of how infrastructure can bring employment and foster economic revival. Work on the first section is to create about 4,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The project, part of the high-speed/high-capacity railway Turin-Milan-Venice, will belong to the Mediterranean Corridor that will link Spain and Ukraine. One of the strategic trans-European transport corridors (the so-called TEN-T core network), it will connect southwestern European countries with countries to the east. The Corridor will support traffic between Europe and Asia. In Europe, meanwhile, it will handle traffic between the southern and eastern regions. With the addition of the line between Milan and Venice to the national network, 75% of the Italian population will have access to high-speed rail service.

Technical data

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Bridge launch on the Guà River

In October 2023, activities concerning the bridge launch on the Guà river at Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza) ended. The bridge comprises an arch metal structure that engaged a team with over 20 workers, for 5 days. 

The work is part of the first functional Verona-Bivio Vicenza lot. Due to its size and weight (over 1400 tonnes) the technique called “peak launch”, a particular launching method that uses a metal front protuberance in front of the bridge. This temporary structure allowed balancing weights during the bridge’s movement until it was fixed above the river.

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Linea Alta Velocità Verona-Padova, Lotto 2 - Attraversamento di Vicenza

Sustainability KPIs

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Tons of Co2 emissions avoided per year

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Travel times reduction

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Passengers expected per year

Alta Velocità Verona-Padova Lotto 2, attraversamento di Vicenza - Webuild

Webuild: contract signed for second lot at Vicenza Junction

Verona-Padua High-Speed/High-Capacity railway

Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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