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Sydney Metro Northwest


Project's overview


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The Sydney Metro Northwest project involved the construction of a new metropolitan train line north-west of Sydney, connecting Chatswood station with Cudgegong Road.
The works in the section between Bella Vista station and Cudgegong Road, involved the design and construction of the "Skytrain" bridge and other civil works that made up one of the main sections of the line. 

The project involved building 8 new stations and 4,000 parking spaces. It is the first completely automated high-speed train system in the continent.

This is the biggest public transport infrastructure project currently under way in Australia, and the biggest in Sydney since Harbour Bridge was built almost 100 years ago.

Technological innovations
​One of the major innovations of the project is the use of launching technology, known as "Stage by Stage", the kinematics of which were developed and implemented for the first time by Webuils (formerly known as Salini Impregilo) on the R881/2C project in Dubai. This technology is based on the use of extremely high performance launching machines and a construction method that involves the simultaneous launch of two spans, using the cantilever method for ¼ of the span and subsequent infill and completion through the span-by-span method. This method combines the ability to launch spans of different lengths, and of over 60 metres, with an impressive speed of execution, all using the same machine. Brilliant engineering solutions have made it possible to use the same machine to build the cable-stayed bridge, minimising the amount of temporary prestressing.

Challenges of the project
One of the greatest engineering challenges faced concerns adapting the design to construction requirements, specifically: overcoming significant torsional effects due to the curvature of the deck, in the presence of railway and stay loads. The design and construction are harmoniously integrated and depicted through an advanced Building Implementation Modelling (BIM) system.

Accolades: For Sydney's metro, the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) awarded Webuild the best rating, placing the project among the World-Class Best Practice in Sustainability.  ISCA, a public-private non profit body, manages Australia's sole rating system, for assessing sustainability of infrastructure projects, from an environmental, social, economic and governance perspective. In particular, the Group received two awards, both for design – Leading IS Design rating – in 2015, and for building – Leading As Built IS rating – in 2017.

Moreover, the Group has been the only company to win two awards for work on Sydney metro Northwest - the 2018 Project of the Year and the 2018 Global Best Project for the railway sector - from Engineering News Record (ENR).


1 viaduct of 4.6 Km between Balmoral Road and Windsor Road

1 cable-stayed bridge of 270 m

Technical data

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km viaduct of between Balmoral Road and Windsor Road

+ + +

m of cable-stayed bridge

Sustainability KPIs

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people moved per hour

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km Car trips avoided per day

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commuters car parking spaces 

Sidney population is expected to growth over the coming decades, with an extra 200,000 people projected to move into Sydney’s North West alone, taking its population above 600,000, or twice the size of Canberra.


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The sydney skytrain is the best project of the year

Sydney Metro Northwest

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