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Naples-Bari HS/HC Line

Apice-Hirpinia Railway Section

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Apice-Hirpinia Tratta Ferroviaria, Linea AV/AC Napoli-Bari | Gruppo Webuild

​The high capacity Apice – Hirpinia railway line will be part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), a European Commission policy aimed at combined the continent's various transport networks.

The project will run for some 18.7 kilometres between the towns of Avellino and Benevento and includes the construction of a station at Hirpinia and a stop at Apice, three tunnels and four viaducts.

The new line, which will allow trains to travel up to 200 kilometres an hour, is added to other parts of the Naples-Bari line

AV Napoli-Bari, il progetto della tratta Apice-Hirpinia
AV Napoli-Bari, tratta Apice-Hirpinia: la TBM Aurora si prepara a scavare la galleria Grottaminarda
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The Hirpinia station, 400 m long, consists of a two-floors travellers' building, a portico-shelter system that wraps around the travellers' building and protects the exchange area, a building to store technologies and plants, shelters for the travellers'sidewalks, the preparation for a future parking space below the railway deck not included in this project. 

The railway secton, 18.7 km long, also includes 3 tunnels (Grottaminarda Tunnel, about 1,965 m long; Melito Tunnel, about 4,413 m long; Rocchetta Tunnel, about 6455 m long) and four viaduct: Ufita Hirpinia viaduct (655 m long), Ufita Melito viaduct (about 230 m long), Ufita Rocchetta viaduct (415 m long), Ufita Apice viaduct (about 705 m long). 

Stories: le persone dentro e fuori i cantieri. Gemelli Diversi. I fratelli Barrasso, AV Napoli-Bari

Tratta Apice-Hirpinia, Linea ferroviaria AV/AC Napoli-Bari

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Apice-Hirpinia Section, Naples-Bari HS/HC Railway Line

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