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Tratta Napoli-Cancello, Linea Ferroviaria AV Napoli-Bari - Progetto Webuild

The Naples-Cancello railway section concerns the first part of the Naples-Bari line. It is strategic for the realignment of the overall metropolitan, regional and long-distance connections. 

The Naples-Cancello section allows the line's railway tracks to be used by the new Naples Afragola station, which will allow passengers to change from Regional to the High Speed services (and vice versa), therefore increasing overall accessibility to the railway transport of the Naples area.

The project includes the new Acerra station and two new stops for the metropolitan services of Casalnuovo and the Shopping Mall.

The line is 15.5 km long, and passes through the Casoria, Casalnuovo, Afragola, Caivano and Acerra territories. Of these, 4 km pass along a viaduct (made with various types of decks), 3 km within an artificial tunnel and the remaining distance is above-ground and in trenches

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In particular, the Casalnuovo Artificial Tunnel is about 2.5 m long and moves through the Casoria, Casalnuovo and Afragola municipalities. The type section is variable and there is a twin-tube section as the location for the Circumvesuviana railway that joins the Afragola Station is also to be built.

With regard to the excavation of the artificial tunnel of Casalnuovo, a cutting-edge solution (for Italy) has been adopted, to completely monitor the stratum, always in hydrostatic conditions: the excavation is carried out in a hyperbaric environment. This solution improves workers' conditions and safety, allowing them to always work in a dry environment.

Antonio Franzese, Alta Velocità Napoli-Bari

Tratta Napoli-Cancello, Linea Ferroviaria AV Napoli-Bari - Progetto Webuild

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Antonio Franzese, Alta Velocità Napoli-Bari

Naples-Cancello Section, Naples-Bari HS Railway Line

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