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Trento Railway Bypass (Lot 3A)

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Circonvallazione di Trento

The Trento Railway Bypass (Lot 3A) contract entails the design and construction of approximately 13 kilometres of railway, mostly underground.

Commissioned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) (Gruppo FS Italiane), it is part of a plan to quadruple the capacity of the Fortezza-Verona railway section for high-speed trains, located south of the access tunnel of the Brenner Base Tunnel on the Italian side.

It ranks among the strategic projects to develop sustainable mobility in Italy under the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (“PNRR”), contributing to the improvement of the cross-border transport of cargo by rail, as well as the country’s competitiveness.

Lot 3A includes the construction of a natural tunnel – the Trento Tunnel of approximately 10.6 kilometres in length – and two short sections above ground alongside the existing line. Four tunnel-boring machines (TBMs) will be deployed to excavate the tunnel, with two working at either end of the projected tunnel. 

The section under development belongs to the strategic Munich-Verona corridor. It is also part of a wider initiative to improve mobility in Trento that will involve the requalification of some urban areas, of which the bypass is a major component. The expected outcome will be fewer vehicles on the road, leading to a reduction of more than 65,000 tonnes of CO2 in annual emissions.

Trento Railway Bypass (Lot 3A)

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