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Promoting the circular economy

Our projects follow the principles of Green and Circular Economy

Promuovere l'economia circolare

Our Vision

Environmental protection has always been one of our priorities. We were one of the first companies in the sector in Europe - in 2002 - to adopt a specific Environmental Policy and we want to continue to be an example for our industry.

We contribute to advancing the SDG with our environmental commitment

Our commitment

We work to optimise the use of natural resources by promoting production methods that aim to reuse and valorise them. 

We have a solid, environmental track record: our projects follow the principles of Green and Circular Economy and blend the principles of quality and "state-of-the-art" construction with principles of environmental efficiency. 

We also use management systems to reduce the environmental impact of our projects, and guarantee maximum transparency towards our stakeholders as regards our activities to mitigate the effects and our performances.


The benefits of our circular economy approach

2022 efficiency indicators

We measure our performance in terms of environment efficiency

+ + +

renewable electric energy used (35% in 2021) 

+ + +

greenhouse gas emission intensity reduction - scope 1-2 (2022 vs 2017) 

Circular economy

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