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Building a dialogue with our stakeholders

We pay close attention to our stakeholders' legitimate expectations and needs. We encourage them to take part and become involved, in order to understand their opinions and develop solutions capable of creating long-term, shared value.

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We pay close attention to our stakeholders' legitimate expectations and needs. We encourage them to take part and become involved, in order to understand their opinions and develop solutions capable of creating long-term, shared value.

We use diversified, flexible engagement strategies according to the geographic and operational contexts in which we operate. Investors, clients, current and potential employees, national and international trade unions, partners, public administrations, the media and the general public are our key corporate stakeholders. Our key operational stakeholders are our employees, partners, customers, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, the local communities and authorities and other organisations, such as trade unions and civil society organisations. In these contexts, their involvement depends on the specificity of the projects under construction.


Our stakeholders

Our commitment
Developing skills, ensuring health and safety, favorable working conditions and human rights, employee wellbeing, equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion, industrial relations

Active communication channels
Intranet, regular meetings, internal training activities, surveys, assessment processes, trade union meetings, specific campaigns

Topics of interest
Work environment, health and safety, welfare, skill development, assessments and retributions

Our commitment

creation of value, compliance with the Corporate Governance’s rules, business integrity, information transparency and accessibility, social and environmental performance

Communication channels in place

press releases, reports and accounts, investor relations, stable relations with financial institutions and rating agencies, Shareholders’ meetings

Issues of interest

financial and non-financial performance, future development plans, Corporate Governance system 

Our commitment

excellence, innovation, quality of work, reliability, integrity, health and safety, environmental aspects, efficient supply chain management, information confidentiality

Communication channels in place

stable and continuing relationships with clients, in all the life cycle of the projects 

Issues of interest

quality and HSE performances, technical aspects of the projects, territories-related issues

Our commitment

reliability, integrity, efficiency, objectivity in the evaluation process, information confidentiality

Communication channels in place

selection processes, regular meetings, training activities, feedback systems, stable relationships with partner firms

Issues of interest

quality performances, technical enhancement, shared management of HSE

Our commitment

job creation, professional development, use of local suppliers, social support initiatives development, open dialogue with territories

Communication channels in place

meetings with community representatives, specific communications campaigns, processes of personnel’s selection and suppliers’ evaluation, sponsorships and  social support initiatives 

Issues of interest

project-related concerns, territories-related issues, social development initiatives

Our commitment

cooperation, capacity building, transparency, promptness of the information

Communication channels in place

participation in trade association activities, systematic press review activities, organisation of events, press releases, website 

Issues of interest

financial, operational, corporate and strategic aspects, issues related to the construction industry

Our commitment

legality, business integrity, reliability, transparency

Communication channels in place

institutional relations with host countries’ local authorities

Issues of interest

infrastructure development, project management, job creation for local communities, local suppliers growth, social development initiatives

Materiality matrix

The most relevant topics for us and for our stakeholders.


A. Sustainability strategy

B. Excellence and innovation

C. Ethics and integrity

D. Anti-corruption

E. Tax transparency

F. Supply chain

G. Stakeholder engagement

H. Cyber security


I. Attraction and development of employees

J. Health, safety and welfare

K. Diversity and inclusion

L. Human rights

M. Contribution to local economies

N. Privacy


O. Climate change

P. Natural resources and circular economy

Q. Biodiversity

Dialogue with our stakeholders

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