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Webuild's sustainability strategy

Our commitment for a better world

Strategia di Sostenibilità Webuild

#WePromote a Sustainable World

Our sustainability strategy identifies infrastructural sustainability and costruction site sustainability as the two pillars upon which Webuild's commitment and reputation are fully based.

Webuild's business is strongly oriented towards developing and building infrastructure that directly contributes to advancing the main Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs-oriented) and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

The main current global megatrends, like climate change, population growth, urbanization, resource scarcity (such as water), find in infrastructure a tangible answer to improving people's quality of life.

Besides being part of Webuild's business, sustainable development principles are also fully part of the Group, both in core business and corporate processes terms.

What we build is important to us, but even more important is how we build our works. We, in fact, create infrastructure that contributes to the growth and well-being of communities, by helping to tangibly respond to global challenges. We also act responsibly, contributing to the economic and social development of the territories where we work, ensuring people's well-being and environmental respect.

In fact, we daily invest in three well-defined sustainability “sites”, with clear and declared ESG programmes and targets for the next three years, as defined in our 2021-2023 ESG Plan.

#We Invest in Sustainability and 
#We Promote a Sustainable World

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5P Sustainability Manifesto

5P Sustainability Manifesto

People, Planet, Progress, Partnership, Prosperity.

Our top 5 priorities we embrace in our day-to-day activities to ensure excellence, innovation and respect towards all our stakeholders.

Webuild 5P Sustainability Manifesto

The 5P Sustainability Manifesto represents our top 5 priorities we embrace in our day-to-day activities to ensure excellence, innovation and respect towards all our stakeholders. People, Planet, Progress, Partnership, Prosperity: Webuild a sustainable future!

Webuild 5P Sustainability Manifesto

Webuild ESG Plan with its 2021-2023 sustainability goals

The Webuild Group ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Plan, with its 2021-2023 sustainability goals, is the confirmation of a business strategy that is increasingly oriented towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. The Plan marks the Group's strengthened commitment to environmental sustainability, safety and inclusion and technological innovation.

The 2021-2023 ESG Plan focuses on 5P priority pillars (Planet, Prosperity, People, Partnership, Progress) and 3 strategic areas - Green, Safety & Inclusion, Innovation - where the Group has been investing resources for a very long time already, and for which it has already achieved significant results, over the years, as also confirmed by the independent ESG ratings assigned to the Company.

We identified a series of programmes to develop in the 2021-2023 period, with the aim of contributing to accelerating the energy transition towards zero emissions target, while also developing innovative solutions to improve the environmental sustainability of projects during their construction phases, and of works when they are used. We also want to increasingly represent the industry's benchmark, in terms of health and safety, skills development, inclusion, and production efficiency, through an ever-increasing digitalization of all processes.

2021-2023 ESG Plan

The 2021-2023 ESG Plan:
5 priority pillars (5P) and 3 strategic areas

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Webuild Aree di business

Our Business Model

Competence and innovation, centralized governance, sustainability: three strategic levers at the base of our business model.

The Group's Business Model

Sustainability strategy

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