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Clean Hydro-Energy

Dams and hydroelectric plants

Webuild Clean Hydro-Energy

Hydropower Plants

Webuild places itself among the top players of the Hydroelectric sector, with 313 plants built for a total installed power of 52,900 MW.

Today, hydroelectric energy is the world's main renewable energy. It is efficient, provided constantly, and low-cost. Hydroelectric projects represent an effective solution, in terms of the energetic transition process towards a low carbon future, and for extending access to energy in Countries and territories without it.

Works like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which once completed will stand as Africa's largest, and will avoid creating over 2 million tonnes of CO2 each year, or the Snowy 2.0 hydroelectric project in Australia, which will serve 500,000 homes during peak demand, both fully represent the Group's strong commitment and capacity in this sector.

The hydroelectric projects currently being built by the Group will allow to generate over 14,000 MW of power, guaranteeing clean low-cost energy to tens of millions of people, worldwide: i.e. especially in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and nearby countries), in Central Asia (Tajikistan and nearby countries) and Australia, with an estimated CO2 yearly reduction of approximately 14.5 million tonnes.

Towards a low carbon future

We promote the production of clean, low cost energy for millions of people worldwide, and in the most challenging contexts, helping to accelerate the transition towards clean energy systems, and a low carbon future

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dams and hydroeletric plants

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MW power generated, both completed and ongoing projects

Webuild among global leaders of infrastructure of the water sector

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Webuild's Dams and Hydroelectric Plants
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Clean Hydro-Energy

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