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Webuild's Italian construction sites

Great works to build Italy's future

I Cantieri Webuild in Italia

Strategic infrastructure that contribute to Italy's growth and renewal

With a track record of over 14,140 km of railway and metro lines built in about 120 years of activity, Webuild is among the leaders in sustainable mobility on a global scale, with projects that aim to decongest traffic and reduce pollution in large cities. In Italy, the Group is committed to designing and building innovative and sustainable works, which are key for developing mobility throughout the peninsula and towards Europe, and for reducing the environmental impact of urbanized areas. Crucial infrastructure for mobility and transport and eco-sustainable buildings that improve people's lives, both today and in the future.

From North to South, the Webuild Group works together with a supply chain of  more than 10,500 companies involved in building large sustainable mobility projects that cross all of Italy. Strategic projects to deliver modern and sustainable infrastructure to Italy, contributing to the socio-economic development of cities and territories. Great works that act as a lever for recovery and job creation in Italy, capable of helping to lead the country towards a modern, better future for generations to come.

Our main construction sites in Italy

Webuild, construction sites in Italy

Discover our main projects in Central and Northern Italy

Rome Metro - Line C

Infrastructure for Southern Italy

Relaunching Italy starts from the South: infrastructure as a driver of growth


Transparent Construction Sites. Active webcams to follow the work in real time


Terzo Valico dei Giovi, Milan's M4 metro, the Bicocca-Catenanuova railway line, Line C of the Rome Metro and the Verona-Padua railway line: these are among the main infrastructures under construction in Italy today. They are also transparent sites, where due our live webcams you can follow the progress of our works live.  

Webuild is one of the first global infrastructure companies that has opened its construction sites to the public in total transparency. The webcams from our construction sites represent a "window" on the works being built in Italy: an instrument of transparency, involvement and dialogue with citizens and Group stakeholders. Just like the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, where six webcams told the live story of how the new bridge was being built, step by step, for the entire duration of the works.

Cantieri Trasparenti

Transparent Construction Sites

Live webcams from our Italian construction sites

The “Transparent Construction Sites” project offers everyone the chance to “put a foot” inside some of the Group’s most important infrastructure that it is currently building in Italy. The webcams active in 5 construction sites of strategic works that stand out for their innovation, sustainability and safety, allow following, live, how works are going, making the construction site’s walls “transparent”.

Cantiere Lavoro Italia

Pensa in grande

CANTIERE LAVORO ITALIA: a project for Italy's future

The Webuild programme for training and hiring operators, technicians and professionals in the large infrastructure sector.

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100 Young Engineers from the Universities of Southern Italy

100 Young Engineers from the Universities of Southern Italy

From the Universities of the South of Italy, to the Webuild Group in Italy, and globally. We train the new generation of engineers.

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Roboplant, la fabbrica dei conci 4.0 automatizzata - Webuild

Roboplant: the factory of the future

Pre-cast Concrete Segment Factory 4.0

The first of its kind in Italy, Roboplant is a robotic, safe, and environmentally friendly factory to produce pre-cast concrete segments, the structures with which freshly excavated tunnel walls are lined in tunnels of major infrastructure works such as railways or metros.

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Webuild's Italian construction sites

Information material - Bridge project over the Strait of Messina
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