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Wherever we are, we always feel at home

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Our passion for building, spans 5 continents. In about 120 years of history, Webuild’s geographical footprint covers 110 countries where the group has built at least one project. Dams and hydroelectric power stations, roads, highways, bridges, railways and metros. In every country, there’s an infrastructure that speaks of us.

Today, Webuild has 60 offices worldwide, and 150 ongoing projects. Our infrastructure contributes to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fighting against climate change, while also providing innovative solutions for sustainable mobility, renewable hydroelectric energy production, water management and the construction of green buildings.

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We work in demanding, competitive markets with infrastructural growth trends. In Italy, we are carrying out an infrastructural development plan with a leading role for the supply chain of the entire sector. From Lane, in the US, to Clough in Australia to Fisia Italimpianti, our subsidiaries drive the Gropu’s growth in low risk key markets.

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Wherever we are, we always feel at home

We are present in all 5 continents. People are our strength.
We compete with the main global players through the work of a multi-cultural team

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The sustainability of our business


Our activities are at the heart of the challenges facing today’s world, as the population grows, cities become crowded, pollution intensifies, natural resources become scarce and the climate change impacts increase.  

The projects underway will benefit 93 million people around the world in terms of improved access to water, energy, mobility and utility infrastructure. They will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 19 million tons per year.

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We build large works
and complex infrastructure

Sustainable Mobility, clean energy and green buildings: Webuild's business for a sustainable development

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Webuild Global Footprint

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