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We are the expression of 117 years of engineering experience

Webuild Il nostro profilo

Webuild is a leading global player in the construction of large, complex projects for sustainable mobility (rail, metro, bridges, roads, ports), hydropower (dams, power plants), water (treatment and desalination plants, wastewater management, irrigation dams) and green buildings (civil and industrial buildings, airports, stadiums, hospitals). 

Webuild, the expression of 117 years of engineering experience, applied in five continents, thanks to the talent of 85,000 people of over 100 nationalities, leads the Italian market, competing globally with the sector’s main players, while also  supporting its clients in achieving their sustainable development goals - SDGs. Since 2021, it is member of the MIB ESG, the index of Italian companies with the best ESG practices.

Its works built both in Italy and worldwide, tell the story of a group that is guided by the passion for building and pursuing excellence, which renewed its commitment to building a sustainable future by applying its know-how to build innovative and valuable works.

Among its completed and ongoing iconic projects worthy of mention are: the M4 metro line in Milan, a section of Line 16 of the Grand Paris Express, Cityringen in Copenhagen, the viaduct and bridge for the Sydney Metro Northwest project in Australia, the Red Line North Underground in Doha, Line 3 of the Riyadh Metro, and high-speed railways in Italy. Others include: the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge in Italy, the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge in Long Beach, California, the expansion of the Panama Canal, the Snowy 2.0 hydroelectric scheme in Australia, the Rogun hydroelectric dam in Tajikistan, the Anacostia River and Northeast Boundary tunnels in Washington, D.C., and the Al Bayt 2022 World Cup stadium in Qatar. 

At the end of December 2022, Webuild reached a total order backlog of €53.4 billion, with 92% of its construction backlog relating to projects linked to the SDGs

A signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, the Group also ranks among the leaders of CDP (former Carbon Disclosure Project)’s Climate Change programme. It pursues sustainable development goals in every work it builds, supporting clients in strategic areas like the production of clean water and energy, while building sustainable mobility systems and buildings with a low environmental impact.

Our works contribute to creating growth and well-being for current and future generations. We work according to environmental, ethical, and professional principles that comply with the highest international governance and citizenship criteria. 

*FY 2022 Financial Results

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Business, sustainability, people: the Webuild Group's growth

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Wherever we are, we always feel at home

We are present in all 5 continents. People are our strength. We compete with the main global players through the work of a multi-cultural team

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Building the Future. Webuild results FY2022

Webuild results FY2022. Building the Future

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We want to build a sustainable future

We build infrastructure that contributes to territorial development, while respecting human and cultural heritage and natural resources. We guarantee the wellbeing of people and the environment.

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Webuild: Partner for a sustainable future

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