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We have a big project in mind: to build a sustainable future

#WePromote a Sustainable World

#WePromote a Sustainable World

Building top quality infrastructure, thinking of people's wellbeing, territorial growth and respect for the environment, are not just our priority, but our greatest challenge.

Our Sustainability strategy

Values, actions, targets: Sustainability Report & ESG Plan

2021-2023 ESG Plan
Read Webuild's Sustainability Report

Our commitment in numbers

Our works tell of our commitment for sustainable development, while our results prove it

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million people served in the Sustainable Mobility sector

+ + +

million people served in the Clean Hydro Energy sector

+ + +

million people served in the  Green Water sector

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million people served in the Green Buildings sector

Webuild's commitment for a better world

Sustainability at the centre of our business

We believe our growth is closely linked to the world in which we operate. Therefore, we are committed to transforming the sustainable development principles into infrastructure and projects to create the future we imagine.


We want to play a role in developing sound societies and economies, by continuing to guide our sector and contributing to a better world

Pietro SaliniCEO Webuild

Webuild's Sustainability Manifesto

The 5P Sustainability Manifesto represents our top 5 priorities we embrace in our day-to-day activities to ensure excellence, innovation and respect towards all our stakeholders. People, Planet, Progress, Partnership, Prosperity: Webuild a sustainable future!

Webuild 5P Sustainability Manifesto

Building a sustainable future

We believe that major infrastructure projects contribute to improving the world for current and future generations, encouraging a balance between man and nature. 

Discover how we build a Sustainable future

Our sustainability way

In our activities, we always stand by the following principles: integrity, fairness, reliability and sustainability

Webuild Etica, compliance e integrità

Ethics, integrity and compliance

CSR Contacts

CSR Contacts

Our stakeholders' opinions are very important to us. For any comments, questions or feedback, you can write to us at:



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