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Infrastructures that bring people together, connecting territories, favouring exchanges, relationships and mobility: railways are just this, and so much more. With 13,319 km built in about 120 years of work, Webuild is one of the main players for sustainable mobility in Italy and in the world.  

From the first railway lines, in Italy, to the most recent High Speed and High Capacity systems, the Group's ongoing railway projects will make it possible to reduce travel times by an average of 50%, serving around 35 million people with a safe, fast and  low emission service.

Webuild, in line with its 'Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy' recently presented by the European Commission, intends to play an important role in transforming the European transport system, making it more eco-friendly and digital: as outlined in the European Green Deal, the expected result will be a 90% reduction in emissions, by 2050, with rail freight traffic doubling by that date, and high-speed rail traffic doubling across Europe by 2030.

The protagonists of this transition are the corridors of the TEN-T trans-European strategic transport network, which connects the most densely populated European regions with the greatest industrial vocation. Numerous High Speed systems designed by Webuild and part of the TEN-T network  will change the European transport system forever, in a sustainable way: From the Terzo Valico dei Giovi - Genova Junction – One Project, the new high-speed line that allows to enhance the connections of the Ligurian port system with the main railway lines of Northern Italy and the rest of Europe; to the Brenner Base Tunnel, the central element of the new Brenner railway line that connects the axis that goes from Munich to Verona, to the Naples-Bari HS/HC railway line, part of the transport redevelopment plan of the transverse axis that passes from Naples to Benevento and Foggia, arriving in Bari, and that will make a fundamental contribution to the development of the whole of Southern Italy.

Webuild's journey to discover railways is not limited to Italy or Europe alone: it is, in fact, in the United States in fact, there’s the project to build the country's first high-speed line that will connect two major cities, Houston and Dallas, in less than 90 minutes. This large sustainable mobility project will ensure fast, safe, and low environmental impact travel, for 13 million Texan inhabitants, who today travel between the two cities, by car or plane.

The Group was engaged in building a new railway line in Australia too, which changed the mobility of a large city, in a sustainable way: Perth. The Forrestfield-Airport Link today allow residents of peripheral areas of Perth to reach the center in just 20 minutes, with positive impacts in terms of Co2 and reduced travel times.

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